Lisa Lynn Ericson

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. 

Proverbs 4:23


Lisa Lynn Ericson was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in an environment where her identity became increasingly influenced by Fado (a Portuguese musical style that explores the meaning of fate), by the constant pull of a sea of saudade, or longing. Ever since childhood, poetry infused the existential inclinations of her creative soul. With a degree in History and a writer’s spirit, she maintains an incessant curiosity for fresh terrain. Her poetic sensibility is counterbalanced by a persistent quest for truth and a fundamental fascination with the multicultural people she encounters along the way.

As a forever poet, Lisa Lynn Ericson is a writer fascinated with true stories that inspire endless hope. She serves as a ghostwriter for nonfiction books, dramatic real-life accounts that document survival, strength and eternal possibilities, always eager to pour her energy into another project where she can capture the nuances of life with gripping narratives, both beautiful and gritty. Aside from savoring the joys of authoring fresh words, she also finds unique thrill in editing texts and composing copy for journalistic and marketing outlets.

The mantra of Lisa Lynn Ericson finds expression in every corner of her life: vibrant simplicity.


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English, Portuguese, Spanish, French.

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Borders and distance are not a barrier.

Life surges enthusiastically with vibrant simplicity when we look at everything through the eyes of endless hope. Living a life of wholehearted love is not just poetic happiness. It is pure joy, soft and vivacious and persistent. 


Simplicidade Vibrante: Pensamentos Poéticos de um Fado Feliz

A collection of Portuguese poems written by Lisa Lynn Ericson, springing from her personal experiences. All connected to the theme of Fado, with a unique touch of hope amid life’s longings.

We must seek the joy that exists beyond the daily challenges of life, with a heart ready to find endless hope. Available via Helvetia Éditions & Amazon.

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Vibrant Simplicity

Award-Winning Book: 1st Place, 2022 Christian Indie Awards (Poetry)

A collection of English poems written by Lisa Lynn Ericson, spanning 30 years, from challenge to courage, from rough reality to heartfelt happiness. The book blazes a trail of exploration with a sense of wonder, encountering an unusual enchantment in between the lines of life.

Available via Amazon.

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Cease Fire: The Story of a Sniper Who Found Life

A book that Lisa Lynn Ericson completely wrote as a ghostwriter. The true story of Iraqi sniper Abbas Hameed whose dramatic life under dangerous fire is a tale of twists and turns, with a life-altering climax.

Available via Hameed’s website & Amazon.

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Against All Odds: An Incredible Journey of Hope and Healing

Lisa Lynn Ericson ghostwrote the true story of survival of Shannon Kerr, who endured a tragic collision, severe brain trauma and a crushing coma. Documented angel sightings add elements of staggering wonder in this uplifting account of an unexpected comeback.

Purchase & Info: AgainstAllOddsBook

Murder on a Maine Trail

Lisa Lynn Ericson served as editor for book 3 of the Nora Lassiter murder mystery series, an adventure that meanders inventively through investigation, wit and the ideal snowy dusting of romance. A delightful wintertime story for any day of the year.

Purchase & Info: BernadineFagan

VI Festival de Poesia de Lisboa 2021

Terra: Uma Poética de Nós

Lisa Lynn Ericson is a contributing poet in this anthology of poetry which explores the connection of Portuguese-speaking peoples to the Earth. She also performed other poetry via Facebook Live as a participant in the weeklong festival in September 2021, based in Lisboa and broadcast worldwide.

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V Festival de Poesia de Lisboa 2020

R-Existir: A Poesia Como Afirmação de Nossa Existência

Lisa Lynn Ericson is a contributing poet in this anthology of poetry which affirms the Portuguese language and the spirit of perseverance that re-exists in every circumstance. She also performed other poetry via Instagram Live as a participant in the weeklong festival in October 2020, based in Lisboa and broadcast worldwide.

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Retratos Contados

Uma Viagem em Sintonia

I was raised to write letters by hand to my grandmother, thanking her for the treats she sent me in the mail, boxes always well packed by my grandfather . . .

Translated version available upon request


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